Central American and Caribbean Seminar on Sports Administration

Luis Mejia Oviedo: “Knowledge has no owner”

Experts from the area will speak on various aspects of sport between August 11 and 13, before an expected audience of 1,000 participants

(Thursday, August 6) The President of the Central American and Caribbean Sports Organization, Luis Mejia Oviedo, and the Secretary General of the entity and Chair of the Education Commission, Professor Eduardo Álvarez, presented today the 1st Central American and Caribbean Seminar in Sports Administration, a training initiative that will take place from August 11 to 13, before an expected audience of 1,000 participants.

“The seminar has the particularity that it is not a closed activity: it is not necessary that participants belong to a federation, a club, a league or an Olympic Committee. Knowledge has no owner: everyone who is interested in sports is being given an opportunity, ”said President Mejia Oviedo during a virtual press conference held this Thursday to present the seminar.

“Sport covers many areas of knowledge: doping, psychology, communications, business, government relations, they are all areas that are part of sport and that will be addressed in this seminar,” added Mejia Oviedo, who stressed that this activity is part of the new dynamic that CACSO has adopted, which implies the creation of 11 commissions, chaired by members of the Executive Committee, “as a way of giving purpose and life to the Board”.

Professor Álvarez, who also Presides the Venezuelan Olympic Committee, reported that after just one day of opening the registration process, 660 people have already signed up, and announced that one of the next objectives of the Education Commission is the creation of a Regional University Council, which includes study houses from the region, to offer certifications in various areas, in both virtual and face-to-face modalities.

“With the COVID-19 pandemic the world changed.  Fortunately we have these virtual elements, which we at CACSO had already been using even before the containment measures came into effect. That is why we are offering this training that is precisely adapted to these changes,” added Mejia Oviedo.

The First Central American and Caribbean Seminar on Sports Administration will be held in English and Spanish, with breaks between sessions and the possibility of privately managing the question and answer session, which will then be updated in the memoires of the activity.

The agenda will be as follows:

Tuesday, August 11:

2:20 pm – Welcome Words by the President of CACSO,

                   Luis Mejia Oviedo (DOM)

2:45 pm -Structure of the Olympic Movement

                  Keith Joseph (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)

3:40 pm – Management of the Environment in Olympic Sports Organizations: Legal aspects

                  Lorena Novoa (Colombia)

4:30 pm- Basic Principles in the Organization of Sporting Events,

                  Fabio Ramirez (Colombia)

Wednesday, August 12:

2:00 pm- Values, Ethics in Sport and the Olympic Charter

                  Christopher Samuda (Jamaica)

                  Guillermo González (Colombia)

2:45 pm- Women in the Olympic Movement

                  IOC Member Nicole Hoeverstsz (Aruba)

3:30 pm – Strategic Planning,

                   Salman Brache (DOM)

4:15 pm – Events of the Olympic Cycle

                  Mario Cilentti (Argentina)

Thursday, August 13:

2:00 pm- Communication and Information Technology in Sport

                   Alejandro Goycoolea (Panam Sports)

2:45 pm- Structure and Operation of the NOCs

                  Sara Rosario (Puerto Rico)

3:30 pm- Leadership in Sports Organizations

                  Brian Lewis (Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees / CANOC)

4:15 pm -Sports Marketing,

                 Jimena Saldaña (México) and Jackie Guerra (México)

Those interested in participating in the First Central American and Caribbean Seminar on Sports Administration must fill out the form contained in the following link to formalize their registration: https://forms.gle/P49tXem8xJHh2Wrm8

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